Cleaning the water pipes of caravans and mobile homes

It is necessary to clean drinking water tanks in caravans, caravans and mobile homes at least once a year, preferably twice. It is best to clean the drinking water tanks at the beginning of the travel year. Here in Iceland, the campers, caravans and mobile homes are often stationary during the winter and usually with some water in the potable water tank. During the storage period, the water can become cloudy in the tanks and [...]

Does the washing machine smell bad?

Ólykt úr þvottavélinni

It's really dizzying to take freshly washed laundry out of the washing machine and it smells bad! If there is a bad smell from the washing, or from the washing machine, it is a sign that a fungus may have started to form. Fungus (mold) thrives on moisture and often accumulates in soap compartments, rubber edges and plastic pipes inside the washing machine. Mold that […]

Mold in caravans and tents

Myglueyðing í tjöldum og tjaldvögnum

Many things become apparent when the campers and camping equipment are taken out of storage, for example "MOLD", which is an incredibly boring travel companion. Mold often develops if camping equipment is packed without allowing it to dry properly. If it is necessary to pack up in the wet, it pays […]

Kemi buys Poulsen's operations

From left: Örn Gunnarsson, managing director of Lex lawyers, Ragnar Matthíasson, managing director of Poulsen, Baldvin Smári Matthíasson of Poulsen, Lovísa Matthíasdóttir, financial director of Poulsen, Hermann Guðmundsson, managing director of Kemi, Daníel Hermannsson, assistant managing director, and Sverrir Sigursveinsson, managing director of Kontakt. Kemi ehf. has reached an agreement on the purchase of Poulsen ehf. The purchase agreement was signed on July 1st, and Kemi will take over Poulsen's operations on September 1st. […]

Mildex-Q Anti-Mold Cleaner

Mildex-Q er öflugt myglueyðandi hreinsiefni

Mildex-Q is a strong anti-mildew cleaner that contains chlorine. Mildex-Q is used in many situations and is easy to use. When using strong cleaning agents such as Mildex-Q, care must be taken to ensure that there are no residues of other soaps and cleaning agents, if there is, it must be cleaned away. When cleaning mold you have to […]

Airpop Light SE Respirator

The Airpop Light SE breathing mask has a soft silicone seal at the nose "Ergo-Flex Seal", the mask is soft and comfortable and fits the face very well. Airpop Light SE is three-layer, designed from skin-friendly materials, i.e. materials that do not irritate the skin. Inside the mask is a soft nose piece "Ergo-Flex Seal" (PP+TPE) that seals it to the nose together with [...]

Peltor WS Alert XPI

The Peltor WS Alert XPI Bluetooth earmuffs have been quite popular with us in recent years. Now there is a new version of these great hearing protectors where you can go to all settings in "APPI" or a small program on the mobile phone. Also, some convenient options have been added regarding playing music as well as listening to […]

Norovirus infection and communicable diseases

What is Norovirus? Norovirus is a group of related viruses that cause infection in the small intestine (intestinal infection). Norovirus is highly contagious and spreads very easily from person to person, and it is possible to get infected more than once. The infection most often comes in spurts and the most common symptoms are vomiting and/or diarrhea, and the incubation period of the infection ie. time from […]