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The Bosch company in Stuttgart has been producing components for automobiles since 1886.

For a long time, the domestic market was the strongest stronghold for the products that Bosch was producing for car manufacturers and car workshops.

The innovations that Bosch has introduced in recent times and have become standard equipment for many manufacturers include traction control (ESP), injection for diesel vehicles (Common Rail), navigation system (Navigation), speed control with sensors (adaptive cruise control), night vision and much more. more.

Today, Bosch produces a wide range of sensors for all vehicles, which are used, for example, to monitor speed, rotation speed, pressure, sounds, airbag sensors, and other factors are also partly controlled by Bosch sensors.

Fault diagnosis computers are a specialty at Bosch, as the company writes software for many car companies that is used to monitor the mechanics and electrical systems of cars.

The next generation of cars will surely be largely self-driving, and Bosch is already at the forefront of that, with thousands of engineers working to handle this development alone.

Bosch is the world's largest private company with over 400,000 employees worldwide.

It is embedded in the company's strategy to take care of product development above all else, and that is why Bosch has been at the forefront of the automotive industry for 70 years.