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Exodor Odor Absorber

A gel-like substance containing a layer of carbon that absorbs odors and stench. Exodor Odor Absorber contains a special blend of substances that eliminate odors. When the film is removed from the can, the chemical mixture immediately starts working on odors and absorbs odors such as closet odors, storage odors, fumigant odors, tobacco odors, and general odors. Can be used in many places such as homes, garages, storage, workplaces, toilets, dressing rooms, cars, campers, caravans, boats etc.

The Odor Absorber can works for spaces up to 27 square meters. Contains no toxins, breaks down in nature, lasts up to 60 days.

Exodor Odor Absorb lasts up to 60 days and leaves a light and fresh lavender or citrus scent.